ComHome is a home automation system for a comfortable home. It allows monitoring and control of most important systems at your house using a Phone, PC or Tablet connected to the Internet.

ComHome system will take care to maintain a comfortable temperature at your home. You will be able to set desired temperatures for each room, change heating modes, heating schedules, and ComHome system will control the heating of your home based on provided parameters. It will provide information on current status as well. You will be able to control your ComHome system from any place in the world where you find Internet connection.

Would you like to have fresh air at your home and forget about changing ventilation modes on your ventilation system? ComHome system will set ventilation mode automatically based on outside and inside temperatures. Therefore you will have fresh air at your home and you will save on heating costs in winter and keep your home cooler during hot summer days.

ComHome system allows to control lawn and garden irrigation as well. Even if you are far away from home. You can change irrigation schedules, modes, switch it on or off, start a manual irrigation cycle just by using a phone connected to the Internet.

Do you forget to arm your house alarm system sometimes? Have you ever asked yourself if you closed garage door after you left your house? ComHome system allows to arm your house alarm system anytime from anywhere. You will be able to see the status of alarm system, events, who armed or disarmed it and check if all doors and windows are closed. You will be informed on important events.

Actual data and a number of charts will not only inform you about comfort level at your home, but will provide you with important information to fine tune your heating or ventilation systems allowing to save on maintenance costs.

Do you have a house that you visit only on weekends? You would gladly spend some winter weekends there as well, but usually you don't do it because it's too cold when you arrive and it takes all weekend to heat it up? ComHome system will allow you to switch the heating few days in advance so that it will be warm on your arrival. You will always know what the temperature in there is and you'll be informed if it gets too cold.

Using Switching Module you can open/close Garage door, switch on/off lights or any other appliance.

ComHome System

ComHome is a modular system. You can use only those modules that you find useful for your house. The picture below depicts how ComHome system works, communicates and what are the main components.


ComHome Controller is installed at your house. It controls your house systems taking into account parameters you define. Controller uses dedicated Modules to control specific areas. For example, if you'd like to control your lawn irrigation you would need to use Irrigation Module. ComHome Controller periodically sends data to the central ComHome Server. When connected to the central ComHome Server, you can see actual and historical data and issue commands to the Controller. ComHome Controller communicates with the central ComHome Server using standard secure Internet protocols, so you don't need to change configuration of your internet router and transferred data will be reliably protected.
ComHome Controller works even without connection to central ComHome server, therefore in case of Internet connection failure Controller will continue to control home systems. ComHome Controller and Modules check for software updates regularly and perform software updates remotely so you will have newest ComHome functionality without stopping your system.

Modules of ComHome System

Here you will fine description of ComHome System Modules and examples how to use them to control specific areas. ComHome System always uses a single Controller unit and a number of dedicated Modules.


ComHome Heating control functionality allows you to set desired temperatures for individual rooms, set and change heating modes and schedules. ComHome System will control your heating system to maintain desired temperatures. ComHome System allows to control heating not only based on room and outdoor temperatures, but floor temperatures as well which is very useful when you have floor heating system at your home.

Following Modules are required for heating control:

  • Wired Temperature Sensors Module or/and

  • Wireless Sensors Module

  • One or more Heating Actuators Modules

  • Wireless Temperature Sensors (if used)


ComHome Controller monitors room temperatures using installed wired or wireless Sensors and controls heating of each room using Heating Actuators Modules.


Ventilation Module is used to control Heat Recovery Ventilation system. Ventilation Module has to be matched to installed Ventilation unit because different producers use different ways to control Ventilation units.


ComHome System allows to set manually desired ventilation speed or use automatic mode. When automatic mode is used ComHome System controls ventilation speed based on indoor and outdoor temperatures. For example, during summer air flow will be decreased on hot summer days and increased during nights when outside air temperature gets lower than inside. ComHome System will control your Ventilation system and supply optimal air flow to your dwelling.


Irrigation Module allows to control your lawn or garden irrigation. You will need one or more Irrigation Modules depending on number of irrigation zones. One Irrigation Module can control up to 6 irrigation zones and has an input for rain sensor. If you have more than 6 irrigation zones, just connect additional Irrigation modules.


Using ComHome Irrigation control functionality you will be able to start or stop irrigation manually, set automatic mode and define schedules and durations for automatic irrigation. ComHome System will show you history of irrigation events as well.


Security Module allows you to check status of your Alarm system and specific zones, you will be able to see history of events and arm Alarm system if you forgot to do that when leaving your home. ComHome system will inform you when important events are detected by your Alarm system.


Single Security Module is required to control Alarm system. Security Module is selected based on Alarm system producer. Depending on Alarm system there may be a need to use additional integration module to connect ComHome Security Module to Alarm system.


Prices of ComHome System components


ComHome System Controller


Wired Temperature Sensors





Wireless Sensors


Wireless Sensors


Temperature and humidity

Temperature, humidity and light

Subscription fee for ComHome Central Server


Control all modules
Monitor current Status
Automatic free Software updates
Weather forecasts
Historical Data and Charts

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Brink Renovent Excellent control unit for 59 Eur only! Using this unit you will be able to control Renovent Excellent Heat Recovery Ventilation appliance as well as monitor actual and historical data.
No additional ComHome Controllers or Modules are needed. ComHome Central Server Subscription fee is not included in the price.
30 days Money Back Guarantee.


Would you like to build the hardware by yourself? Contact us and we will send you all documentation.


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